Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Vacation - Day 1&2

Since we left for vacation almost 2 months ago it’s way past time to post vacation pictures, but I’m going to do it anyway.

We left Miller July 10 and drove to the edge of Indiana the first night. The second day we drove all the way to NYC. We had a mini van that Jania and I drove with Ty and Cade. Lyle and Jay had the big 15 passenger rental van with all of the students and the majority of the luggage.

One thing about Ty and Cade is that they spend enough time together that they sometimes fight like brothers. Being cooped up in a van for several hours increased the possibility that they would fight. I think we made it to the Illinois state line before they started. Since we only have one child, fighting in the backseat was a new experience for me. Of course I participated in many fights while growing up, but it’s different when you’re the adult sitting in the front. Thank goodness I was driving at that point and Jania dealt with the fighting. She’s much calmer than me and handled it much better. Nothing fazes her while I on the other hand was clutching the steering wheel to keep from yelling at them to be quiet. I’ve never said that patience was one of my attributes. After we got back I asked Cade if he still wanted a brother…he said yes so I guess the fighting didn’t faze him either.

Saturday morning we headed for NYC. As we got closer to our hotel, that was actually just outside the Lincoln Tunnel, Lyle and Jania took the boys and the mini van while Jay and I took the kids and the large van. I will admit I’m a nervous traveler. I get really nervous when we are in charge of so many other kids. I think about the responsibility and what would happen if something were to happen, etc. It makes me a wreck. Then I feel that Jay doesn’t take his responsibility seriously because he makes fun of me, then we argue. I’m sure the kids always think we’ll be divorced before we make it home.

This time I was really trying to stay calm, but then we had the cone incident. Jay was driving (what I thought was a high rate of speed) and passing signs that kept saying Merge, Land Ends, Road Construction, etc. As we were getting closer and closer to the cones that were signaling the end of our lane he sped up to try and pass a RV, rather than slowing down to get in the other lane. We came so close to taking out one of the highway cones. Then he swerved and the van swayed. I think we all screamed. So then when I got irritated about it, Jay didn’t think it was a big deal. All he says about it was that we didn’t hit it and that I’m just too uptight. If anyone has seen the Pink Panter 2 there is a scene in there that is exactly like Jay and I driving together. I’ll need to see if I can find that on YouTube.

That evening we made it into NYC. It was really neat seeing Times Square at night. It is such an interesting place, at least to visit. I don’t have any desire to live there. I was amazed by the crowd of people there. It was so packed that I couldn’t imagine being there on New Years Eve when they drop the ball. It would be so overwhelming. One of the students who went on the trip has an Aunt that lives there. She met us that night and walked us around to a few places. Having someone guide us along cut down on our time tremendously. We’d still be trying to get from Times Square to Rockefeller Center.

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Jay said...

Well I would like to leave a comment in response to my wife's commment on not taking my responsibility seriously . That is completley untrue.