Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Parenting Error #7,536

Jay and I made a major parenting mishap on Sunday. 
Somewhere along the way someone gave Cade a bracelet that has different coins hanging off of it.  I can't remember who gave it to him, but it was during his pirate phase a couple of years ago.  It was supposed to be "treasure".  This past week his pirate gear resurfaced, along with the bracelet.

That morning as we were getting ready to walk into church - We were standing on the front step and I was getting ready to turn the handle I looked down and saw he had the bracelet on.  Our boy had planned to wear a bracelt covered with old coins into church.  This is where Jay and I made some not so good decisions. 

We should've calmly suggested that he not wear it in because it would be distracting, or because we have the rule of no toys in church or he might loose it.  Anything except what we did/said....

I (with utter surprise in my voice because my son was afterall wearing a bracelet) said "Cade you can't wear that bracelet into church".  Then I started trying to pull it off his arm (I didn't even think to unhook it).  Then Jay pipes up and tells him that was really girly. I put the bracelt in my purse and told him he could have it back later.  Jay and I walked into the church and the incident was already forgotten in our minds. But there was one little mind though that had not forgotten the incident.  In fact it was being rolled around continuously. 

Cade got into church and he had the saddest look on his face.  I wasn't sure if we had hurt his feelings or if he was embarrassed.  It was probably a little of both.  We tried to get him out of his mood by having him tell Walter about his calf.  Instead of telling Walter once he got on the other side of the church he sit down and wouldn't say a word.  Since we go to such a small church and everyone knows Cade is the biggest talke there, this was extremely noticable.  I'm sure everyone thought that he had gotten in trouble and was pouting.  No, it was worse than that....he had terrible parents who made a very poor decision that morning. 

Jay told the high school class about it.  One of the girls said we should've told him it was too pirety not too girly.  Man, if only we had thought of that.  But sometimes it's too hard to think that quickly.....I mean our boy was wearing a bracelet.

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