Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rest of Vacation

The rest of our vacation was pretty uneventful.  Except for the the horse trailer incident.  On I-95, a 6 lane highway outside of Baltimore, a horse trailer came unhooked from the truck.  This occurred in the lane that Lyle and Jay were in.  There was one vehicle seperating them.  There was nothing Jania and I could do but drive on by.  Jay jumped out, wtih the traffic rushing by at 70+ mph.  While that is commendable on his part, it scared me.  It scared me enough that when I called his cell phone back and Lyle answered I spoke quite loudly to Lyle, asking why Jay had gotten out of the truck, did he not know there was a van on kids stopped in the road, they needed to get the kids out of there, etc.  Lyle very calmly told me that he could leave the scene, but that Jay wasn't in the van.  Which would I rather him do?  Later on I found out that two vehicles did stop in the lanes beside the truck so the traffic at least had to slow down.  Everything turned out ok, but I had a few anxious moments.
On Friday we got to visit Corey and Kristy and see their boys.  As an added bonus we also got to see Jay's Aunt and Uncle, Mary and John and his cousing Megan.  We had a very good time catching up and eating the best meal that we had on the whole trip. 
Sorry that it took me two months to get them posted!!!

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