Monday, April 13, 2009

18 Months

Today is our 18 month anniversary of officially waiting for the adoption. When we first started this process I had my own mental timeline for when I thought we would have a placement. That timeline was 18 months.

This waiting is really getting harder and harder to take. Everyday I try to give myself pep talks to get me through another day…another week….another month, but it is getting frustrating.

We really would like to get a placement before all of our paperwork needs to be redone at the two year mark.

I had posted a few weeks ago that our profile was being shown in 3 situations. Today (Tuesday the 14th) we got an e-mail saying that families had been chosen. We weren't one of them.
I'm not surprised ....I had really hoped that we would be one of the families chosen, but we weren't. I'm afraid this is never going to end.

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I'm liking the "wild" look!!