Monday, April 20, 2009

State FFA Convention

Jay got back Saturday night from the Missouri FFA Convention. This year Miller had a very successful year....I think it may be the best year they've ever had as a group. Something was mentioned to Jay and Lyle by the school administration that the FFA banquet needed to be toned down. It was too over the top and nobody cares. That comment has been eating and eating at me for weeks. For one I don't know how serving a meal and handing out awards can be considered over the top. Secondly when 350 people (half of the population of the whole town) voluntarily show up how can you say no one cares. How can you tell a teacher who spends hours and hours with these kids trying to give them skills that will benefit them the rest of their lives that no one cares about their success? How can you tell that to someone who has spent days, evenings, weekends away from their own families that the banquet celebrating a great year is over the top?

It eats at me because I know that Jay and Lyle spend a very large amount of time away from home. Cade and I and Lyle's family give up a lot of time with our husbands and fathers to the Miller FFA, which we are happy (for the most part) to do. So do not tell me that nobody cares. I know of two guys who care very much along with the other 5 members of their families and all of the parents who got to watch their kids on stage at the convention. When I say "on stage" I'm not taking about a high school gym full of people. I'm talking about Hearnes Center on the MU campus in front of about 10,000 people. And nobody cares?????

Ok, down off my soapbox....Here are links to all of the articles from the convention. Also adding to Miller's success was that one of the State Officers this year was a former student of Jay and Lyle. There are pictures attached to each article if you click on the link at the top. Congratulations to everyone!!!!

Chapter Award - 2nd in the state

Soils - 1st Place

Meats - 1st Place

Public Speaking - 1st Place

Poultry - 2nd Place

Freshmen Public Speaking - 3rd Place

Ag Sales - 3rd Place

Knowledge - 4th Place

Proficiency Award Winner

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