Friday, April 10, 2009


Last Friday, the 3rd, was my dad's 60th birthday. To celebrate this milestone Charity and I decided a surprise birthday party was in order. Charity did most of the work - she called all of dad's friends and came up with the scenerio of how to get dad to the party. She told him that she and Justin would take him out to eat Friday night for his birthday. But, before they could leave town she needed to pick up a jewelry order from a friend. Charity ran in the building, waited a seconed then went out like she had forgotten her purse. When she got back to the car she told dad that John, his friend wanted to talk to him. I think dad was pretty surprised. He didn't know a thing, which was fun for us.

The guy to the right is Ed, dad's brother and the guy to left is Gene, dad's nephew. Yes, you read that has a nephew almost his age. I always thought it was weird, but the longer things go with our adoption the less strange it seems. All three of them were born within a year of each other. Grammy Fowler used to decorate their birthday cakes with toy's so we tried to re-create that for Dad. By the way these were Janella cakes....

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

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