Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentines Update

Yes, the spaceship box was a big hit in the world of 1st grade on Friday. Cade said everyone thought it was “awesome”. Score one for Jay on the box.

Cade was still sickly feeling on Thursday night and again Friday morning so we Tylenoled him up and sent him to school anyway. 1) it was a bad day for both of us to try and get off work and 2) none of us wanted Cade to miss his party. Jay took the medicine with him so that if the school called he’d have it with him. After school Jay gave him another dose of it. That evening Cade started getting fussy again. Jay and I talked about if we should dose him before bed. We came to the conclusion that we needed to know if he really was getting sick so we needed to let the medication wear off to see what was really going on.

Sure enough, about 3:00 Saturday morning I awoke to incoherent babbling coming from Cade’s room. I checked and he did indeed have a fever. He wanted me to lay down with him for awhile, which I did. He was tossing and turning so finally we got up and watched some TV. Once the Motrin started kicking in he settled down and we finally got back to sleep. Cade had been complaining of a sore throat so that combined with the fever and his other symptoms made us take him to Urgent Care on Saturday. We were sure he had strep.

So Saturday, Valentine’s Day, we spent a large chunk of our day in the Urgent Care. By the looks of the place there were a whole lot of other parents with the same Valentine’s Day plans as us. There were a ton of sick kids there. Finally we got to see the doctor, got the diagnosis of strep and are now on 14 days worth of antibiotics. Again. We just did this a month ago. As a side vent here - why do doctors ask parents of school aged sick kids if their kids have been around anyone that's sick. Do you ask before you go on a crusie if you'll be around water? He's in the 1st grade I assume germs are passed around on a hourly basis.

I believe Jay and I managed to expose Mrs S’s entire 1st grade class to strep on Friday…not to mention any parent or younger sibling that might have attended the party. I think giving him the Tylenol Thursday night/Friday morning kept him from getting a fever which would’ve clued us in to the fact he really was sick.

But at least I was smart enough Friday night to suggest that Jay cut off the end of Cade’s corndog before he finished it off…..

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