Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

Here is the much anticipated Valentines Day Box. Cade was a little sickly last night so we were holding our breath about his going to school today. I don't know which one would've been more disappointed if the rocket ship didn't make it to the party today.

Jay worked wonders with his supplies - Mtn Dew bottle, TP roll, bottle of craft glue (that is the white tip) and aluminum foil. I told Cade he was probably one of the few in his class who's DAD decorated his box.

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Kristy said...

Ahh, the Valentine's Day box! Very cool and very boyish! Was his the talk of the classroom? I'm still laughing at the first post about this..."I’m almost 32 and I don’t trust myself with Sharpies. There have been lots of reprimands this week about not being spacey while holding a black Sharpie." I don't know...maybe it's exhaustion, but I've been laughing out loud every time I read those lines!
Still praying for you all on the adoption front! I can't imagine the wait (and weight).