Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Homestudy Tonight

Our Homestudy update is tonight. I was just looking back at what I posted last year the day of and the day after our visit. It seems like I was pretty excited, nervous, and ready to get the ball rolling on it so we could be officially in the program. I had our house spotless, I had re-read all of the questions that we had originally sent in to the agency. I had an idea of exactly what account balances I had written down and how much they had changed since our first balance sheet. I was prepared.

Today I'm feeling somewhat indifferent to the interview tonight. My house isn't perfect, I have no idea what our account balances are (with today's market who knows and she didn't ask for them last year), I don't even remember what sappy things we might have wrote on those questions almost 18 months ago. I'm ready to get it over with. I'm not worried, nothing has changed drastically for us this past year in our lives, our finances or our home. Unless you count the hole in Cade's ceiling from Hurricane Ike, but I think I can explain that one to her. We still don't have a criminal record and we still want a baby. That pretty much sums it up. We're ready and we're trying so hard to be patient. We will be officially waiting a year next Monday, October 13 and I'm trying not to give into the little voice whispering to me "So how many times do you think you're going to have to go though this".

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Kristy said...

So how did it go?

I'm loving the fall theme on your festive.