Monday, October 6, 2008

Cade's Always Listening

Cade is always listening, even when we think he's not. It was apparent this weekend that he's overheard his dad discussing the status of the Razorbacks, which isn't good by the way.....

Cade and I were on our way to his football game Saturday night. Jay and Terry went to the Arkansas game that morning so I called to check on his estimated time of arrival. After I got off the phone Cade and I had the following conversation:

Cade: Who won the game?
Me: (Since I don't keep up with it I had no idea) Well not the Razorbacks
Cade: Yeah, So who won the game?
Me: (I knew he wouldn't let up so somewhere from the back of my mind I pulled out who I thought it was) Uhm, Florida I think
Cade: Man, the Razorbacks really suck don't they
Me: (trying not to laugh) Yes, it seems that way (then turn up the radio to divert the conversation)

And I found out who the anonymous poster was on the last comment - it was Jania. I had a feeling it could be, because she's the one I sit by each game and she knows how much attention I pay to each game. We did win Friday night, in overtime. I think Jania and I did pay attention then, mostly because we were cold and ready to go home. So our record is 6 - 0. Did I do that right?

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