Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Today....Jay left for National Convention with his state winning ag mechanics team. Tomorrow Lyle leaves on a bus with the rest of the kids. Tomorrow Jay's team starts their first half of the contest.

Today....Mom came over to take Cade and I out to dinner. We got to the restaurant and I looked down at my shoes. I had slipped my shoes off when I got home from work and had put on two different shoes to go back out. I had on a dark brown sweater, khaki pants, one brown shoe and one black shoe. Cade asked me if I was crazy.

Today....Cade learned what flirting is (thank you mom). A little girl at the restaurant kept turning around smiling at him. He kept ducking down and acting goofy. He asked why she kept turning around and mom told him it was because she was flirting. So of course the next question was what is flirting. Mom explained that she liked him and Cade's face turned a really dark shade of red, but he had a huge grin on his face. When the little girl left she walked by our booth and gave Cade a huge smile. I also learned today that I'm not ready for that!

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Anonymous said...

You had better get ready. It looks as though it has started already.