Monday, August 11, 2008

Adoption Update

Here's the latest in the adoption world - in the last couple of weeks we were asked about having our profile shown in 4 different situations which were the following:
Schizencephally on left frontal lobe
and extensive drug/alcohol abuse

The first three were conditions with the brain that we couldn't find enough information about to make us feel like these were conditions we were willing to take on. The last one just had too much alcohol use. According to research and talking with other adoptive parents alcohol use is much more harmful than drug use. To be honest, all of these things scared us. So for those of you who believed (before becoming educated by our blog :) ) that adoption was easy or hear people say they don't understand why we can't get a baby quicker there are so many available - just let them know how hard these decisions are to make.

This weekend we were joking about baby names with Cade. For some reason Jay has started calling Cade Larry. None of us are sure where it came from, it started sometime around our vacation. I told Cade that I thought we were going to name our baby Larry. Cade got a little ticked because that's not the name he wants. He informed us that the name was his decision to make, since he has waited a long time for a brother he will be the one deciding on the name. So I asked him what he would name a girl. He let out a big exasperated sigh and told me since I was a girl I would name a girl baby and he and daddy would take care of the name for a boy baby. Even though we were joking it made Jay and I a little sad. Even Cade is starting to notice the wait. That is what hurts my heart the most about all of this - Cade wants a sibling so badly and we can't do anything about it. He used to ask us how many years there would be between him and his brother/sister. He wouldn't settle for "I don't know" so we said probably 7. He's closing in on 6 1/2. I hope we were too far off on our guesstimate.

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