Friday, August 1, 2008

One Down....

Our first night of VBS went great. We had 20 kids there, which is more than double what we had last year. I was so excited when I saw how many were there. Jay is teaching the 5 year olds thru 2nd grade and he had the biggest group with 10. Poor guy, he had the biggest group and he was the only one to have a classroom that wasn't air conditioned, but he said it wasn't too bad. Really the whole church was hot last night so it didn't matter if you were in the A/C part or not. Thanks to Jim and Sharon we had some live chickens in the 2-4 year old classroom and they were a big hit. All of the kids were looking them over - hopefully they'll survive until Sunday. Here are a few pictures. Everything went so fast I didn' t have a chance to take many. I didn 't even get any of Cade...I know, bad mom.

Craft Time for the 2-4 year olds. Avery didn't have much interest in stuffing her pillows

The 3rd-5th grade classroom a/k/a The Barnyard

The 2-4 year old classroom a/k/a The Chicken Coop, complete with real chickens and the real chicken coop smell.

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