Thursday, August 7, 2008

Charlie Update

If you've been missing your weekly dose of Charlie stories that's because we didn't have Charlie the entire month of July. He spent some quality time with MeMo and Papa Jim and Jacie the Border Collie. I think it was a nice little break for Jay. Charlie came home last Saturday, while I was in Springfield. Jay called me that afternoon and asked me to give Charlie some water when I got home. He said that the RED bucket that we normally use looked like it had something strange growing in it, so Jay told me to use the GREEN bucket. The buckets are identical, just different colors. So I haul the GREEN bucket out to his pen and Charlie proceeds to dump it out. It wasn't an accident, I watched him take his paw and tip it over. So I refill the bucket and the same thing happened. I went inside and told Charity and she thought maybe Charlie was hot. I went back out and refilled the bucket and tried pouring water on the dog. I'm sure Charlie was thinking "what the heck". "This lady hasn't seen me in a month and she's pouring water on me". He ran from the water, so I don't really think he wanted it poured on him. As soon as I turned my back he tipped the bucket over for a 3rd time. I was all done with the dog. I called Jay and told him he needed to check on Charlie when he got home because I wasn't messing with him anymore. Jay got home and he filled up the moldy RED bucket and Charlie didn't dump it over. The only thing I could come up with was that he somehow doesn't like the color GREEN. Sunday afternoon we went to Jim and Sharon's and guess what color of bucket Charlie had been using? RED. I thought dog's were colorblind. Can they see colors? I've seen Charlie eat some pretty disgusting things before, why would the color of his water bucket matter?

Does anyone want a hyper-active Welsh Corgi? We're offering free shipping for the month of August. I think Charlie would do very well in Kansas or Viriginia..... or the other option is that we have a wedding coming up and we haven't purchased Terry and Megan a gift yet..... I'll even throw in the moldy RED water bucket.

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Anonymous said...

I'm pretty confident Charlie wouldn't like Kansas. It's too hot here! :o) Not to mention he'd get lonely at our house.