Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another First Grade Funny

Jay and I were talking about this before we left home this morning. I hadn't posted about it last week when it happened so I will today.

As you all know Cade had a pretty active summer - he played baseball, he spent several nights with his grandparents, he went to church camp, he fell off the monkey bars and got stitches, he went to Florida, he saw the Blue Angels, he saw dolphins in the Gulf, he saw the USS Alabama, he swam in the Gulf of Mexico, he saw jellyfish, etc. Not to sound like I'm bragging, but there probably weren't a whole lot of kids in his class who got to do what he did. So the evening of the first day of school he told us Mrs S asked all the kids what they did over break. Jay and I prepared ourselves - we knew he had a great story to tell, we figured Mrs S had to make him stop talking about the really great summer he had, we were sure he was excited about everything we had tried to do for him. So we asked and this is what he said......

"I told her mommy took me to Bass Pro"

So much for Florida. He only wanted to talk about what I did to kill some time when I took him to the eye doctor a few days before school started. That was his great summer memory. Jay and I thought it was a little embarrassing.


Anonymous said...

It's quality time spent with your child that means a lot to them. Bass Pro was just the most recent activity in his summer. If she had asked him in July he would probably have not stopped talking.
Grandma Robyn

Anonymous said...

Another thought - what did you tell the Picnic Princess judges that you wanted to be when you grew up???