Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School

School started last week so we now officially have a 1st grader living with us. According to Cade though, he's in 1st grade again. After being in 1st grade in Summer School he'd tell anyone who asked that he'd be in 1st grade again. He made it sound like he was repeating 1st grade. I hope that since school has finally started he'll quit saying that - I got tired of trying to correct what he meant.

As far as I know, the week was successful for both Jay and Cade. Last week only the parents had homework, but I think that's going to change this week. Last night I sat down to do my "homwork" and 30 minutes, a dozen papers and 3 checks later I was finally finished. One thing to make a mental note for those who don't have kids in school - make sure you have plenty of checks in your checkbook. I wrote a check to the PTO for dues, one to the teacher for snacks and one to the school for lunch. It took 3 checks to get one 48 inch 55 pound boy started in school. You'll also need plenty of envelopes. Each check had to be put in its own envelope with what is was for written on the front, along with Cade's name. It's a lot different than it was 25 years ago when dad would send me to the bus with a lunch check that had a 50/50 chance of actually being turned into the school. Most of the time mine never made it. This envelope in a folder system that is used now is much better. Cade's lunch checks have always been cashed - now if only the office staff at the high school would start a folder system......maybe I'd be more informed of what's going on with Jay at the high school......

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Anonymous said...

Cade looks so grown up in his picture. It doesn't seem that long ago that you started first grade. I remember what you wore on some of your first days, but I don't remember 1st grade. What was it? I'm sure that both you and Charity remember what you wore every year. You both have a memory like I had. Wait til you're 50 and then you'll remember what you did 40 years ago what you wore, but you don't remember what you did 10 minutes ago.