Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The VBS That Wouldn't Quit

Yesterday I remembered a line from Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase. It’s when Clark realizes that the envelope he’s holding is an enrollment in the jelly of the month club instead of the Christmas bonus he was counting on. Do you remember what Eddie says? “Clark, that’s the gift that keeps on giving”.

The reason why this popped in my mind yesterday was in relation to VBS. There are at least 4 families from church that were sick yesterday. Jay and I were lucky enough to be one of those families. Cade had gone home with Papa Kerry and they are doing fine. I don’t think it’s something we ate, but maybe a combination of stress and heat? Whatever it is, it hasn’t been enjoyable.

As the VBS directors, Jay and I hoped that everyone who had a part in VBS would leave with their lives touched somehow. The stomach bug was definitely not at all what we had in mind. Yes, VBS has been the gift that keeps on giving for our family this year.

Here are some pictures from Sunday. We had our program during our regular church time, which worked out great. After church we had a BBQ and then a pie auction for the adults. The money from the pie auction went to our missions for the week. You could tell everyone had a good time that afternoon.

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Kristy said...

You guys must be exhausted! I directed a VBS two years in a row...my brain never stopped those weeks before and even after! Looks like it went really well...good job. Hope you all are feeling better soon!