Thursday, November 8, 2007

Small Adoption Update

There really isn't much to report on our adoption, but I did get a small bit of information from Ivy earlier in the week. J and I didn't know if the agency would contact us each time they showed our profile so I e-mailed Ivy. I was relieved to know that they won't call us each time they show it as long as the prospective birthmother fits in our list of what we are willing to accept. If they are outside our list they will notify us to see if we want our profile shown. If we are chosen then they will notify us. I was afraid that they would call us before it's shown and since our phone hasn't been ringing I was getting a little discouraged. Our short profile has been shown once. Ivy is pretty sure this mother will decide to parent, which is great. I was just glad to know we had been shown at least once. She did only look at our short profile which is just a one page thing with the same three pictures that are on the website. I don't believe that our big profile has been seen at all.

There really isn't much going on, but at least you know where we are at as of right now.

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