Saturday, November 3, 2007

This Weekend

We went to Dad's this weekend. Mom had the extra carseat for Avery so I got it from her Friday at work. When I picked C up he asked about the car seat. I think he had his hopes up for a moment that it was for a brother or sister. He was still happy when I told him it was for Avery, but he told me he really wanted to get a baby soon. I told him I do I.

I'll be honest.....I really wanted to see Avery this weekend and as my usual luck she was in a foul mood. On Saturday morning she didn't want anything to do with anybody but her mommy. We had a few good moments during the day, but for the most part she only wanted Charity. I guess Avery really didn't care that I packed for 2 people and drove for an hour to see her....the selfish life of a 16 month old!!!

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He really does lover her....even if you can't tell by the picture
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