Friday, November 30, 2007

New Installment from the Kindergarten Diaries

C's done a few funny things this past week, here are a few on them.

Tuesday was a rough morning at our house. J had to pick c out of bed while he was crying and put him in the shower. The whole time he was in the shower he cried and cried because he didn't want to go to school. He was in our bathroom which is so small and his wailing was so loud. He was saying over and over how boring school is and that the problems are too hard. J kept having to step out of the bathroom and laugh. Once he got dressed it was like someone flipped a switch and he was fine with going to school. Sometimes I wonder if he isn't fully awake yet when he cries about not wanting to go to school.

Yesterday J saw DeeAnn, one of the helpers in C's class who he lets baby him. DeeAnn told J that they were getting ready to do circle time yesterday and she was sitting down on the floor. Another little boy was sitting beside her. C walked up to him and said "You know you're not supposed to sit there, I get to sit by Miss DeeAnn". What's bad is that C did end up sitting by her. DeeAnn told Jay that Mrs L just diverted everyone's attention from the situation so C didn't get in any trouble. I'm afraid because J is a teacher(and C can be pretty funny) he may get away with a little too much. Then DeeAnn said that the kids were working on writing something when she got to the room yesterday. C was having a little trouble so she went to help him and he said "I just knew that you'd come over and help me, I just knew it" Do you think he's a little spoiled?

This morning he told me he is the only kid in his class who can't tie his own shoes (how embarrassing for us, his dad is a teacher for goodness sakes) Out of all the kids in his class he's the only one who is an only child. You would think that we would have more time to spend with him than the other parents so he should know how to do that. I think him being the only one is the problem. We haven't needed to make him dress himself or tie his own shoes because we only have to worry about getting him ready. This morning J left early so I took him to school. I undressed him, put him in the shower, washed him, took him out of the shower, put lotion on him, completely dressed him from his underwear to buttoning his jeans, put his shoes on him, tied them, put his coat on him, gave him his backpack, and fastened his seatbelt. Sometimes I think I'll still be doing this the day he graduates from High School. I called J and told him that we really need to work on the shoe tying - his reaction was the same as mine...I DON'T WANNA!!!! We want someone else to do it. Are the any volunteers out there who would teach C to tie his own shoes?

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