Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween

Yesterday C had his first school party. I wasn't able to go, but J went for a little bit. He said it was pretty wild. I was a little disappointed because the kids don't get to dress up at our school. Once they got home J got him dressed and they went to our neighbors. We had only planned on going into town to the Baptist Church's Trunk or Treat party, but it didn't start until 6:30. C was getting restless so we went to Memo and Papa Jim's. They surprised C by dressing up like Pirates. I didn't have my camera with me or they would have some pictures on the blog. After we left there we went to the church and played games and ate hot dogs and chili. We had a pretty good time...until this morning. C had asked me last night what was after Halloween. I thought he just meant the next holiday so I told him Thanksgiving. Then he wanted to know what was after Thanksgiving so I told him Christmas. That wasn't what he meant because this morning he hopped out of bed and said Yeah, It's Thanksgiving!. There were a lot of tears shed this morning when he realized tomorrow is not Christmas. He must not be paying attention during calendar time at school!

Charity e-mailed me some pictures of Avery from last night so I had to include those in the Halloween slide show.

I just looked at the slide show, the first one of Avery didn't turn out very good. It makes her look like a headless giant. Sorry...but you can see her face in the next one!

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