Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Optimus Prime

Here are some pictures from Saturday when LeeAnn and her family gave C his Christmas gift.

I've had my suspicions that C is a lot like his Pampa George - a little germaphobic, but after Saturday I know he is. After he got his new toy all the other "kids" wanted to try it on. First Terry had it, then J and then LeeAnn's daughter Lauren tried it on. Kimmy, LeeAnn's other daughter, got it after Lauren. While Lauren was handing it to Kimmy I heard C tell them he wanted it back so he could wipe it out. The girls didn't hear him and Kimmy went ahead and put it on. As soon as C got it back he started wiping it out because "everyone had their breath on it". C is named after his Pampa George so I guess he's carrying on the E---- tradition!!!


CresceNet said...
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Anonymous said...

I've thought that for a long time. He won't drink after anyone and he washes his often and for a long time (he probably counts to 20 twice). Maybe someday his car will have fog lights.