Friday, October 12, 2007

Our Profile

I got a call from our Social Worker yesterday - our profile has been approved. Last night we made 10 copies of it (8 to give to the agency & 2 to keep). We got to Kinkos and the little copy man starts thumbing through the pages telling us he can't copy it without a release for the professional pictures. I got so angry at myself because we had a release and I mailed it to the agency and hadn't thought to make a copy. Then I got really irritated with the guy because he was inspecting each picture trying to decide if it was professional or not. I got pretty snippy and told him there were only 3 professional pictures in the profile. I thought I was going to implode right there at the Kinkos counter. I looked up the definition of implode and I think that's what I was going to do rather than explode. It was like after all this time we get to the last step and once again someone or something is standing in my way. The copy guy was really nice and I know I was hateful but I was so irritated. Also C was in a really annoying mood last night. We call it LaLa Land. He just spaces out and moves really slow and can't focus on what he'd doing. He had drug in all of his Civil War guys in his tackle box and had them lined up on one of the tables. J and I were trying to decide what to do and we both told him to pick up the toys which he did at a snails pace. We went out to the car and looked through our paperwork to make sure there wasn't something that we could use. Finally we found something that we thought might work and we tried to go back in to Kinkos. C got distracted by a realtor display that looked like a house. I thought my head was going to pop off. J told me to let him handle it so I sat down with C and J got them to make the copies. It took FOREVER for the guy to make the 10 sets of copies that we needed. C kept touching things and wandering around and saying can we go, I'm hungry. Anyone who saw us last night would've thought we didn't need another child, we were even beginning to wonder. We were almost done and J decided to get C in the car while I got the last of the copies. Since J was with me I had left my purse in the car. J comes back in Kinkos and says that one of our doors had been left open. I'm standing at the door yelling at him to make sure my purse was still in there, which it was. Then I yell at him to make sure my wallet and all my cards are still there, which he couldn't hear me so I had to yell louder. Finally I just told him to forget it, I'd check it when I came out. I went back in collected my copies and went out to the car. I'm sure everyone in Kinkos breathed a sigh of relief when they saw us get in our car and drive away. I had assumed that it was C's door that had been left open. With him in LaLa Land for the evening it sounded like something he would do....But it wasn't his door, it was J's. It's a wonder someone didn't pull in the parking lot and take our door off.

After Kinkos we went to Sam's to get stuff for the concession stand. C was just as annoying in Sam's as he was in Kinkos. J had gotten one of those big carts so C was running around on it calling it his train, sitting down and letting his feet dangle so we'd almost run over them, moving all around so it was difficult to push, playing on the chip boxes like it was a set of drums...I think you get the picture. I had to leave the two of them for a moment so I could collect myself. I was wanting a trip to LaLa Land by this time. For those of you who don't know, I drive a Pontiac G6. If you've ever looked at one you'll notice they aren't a large car. In fact the trunk is so small that all of my bags for just a weekend trip can fill it up. J had to get 6 large boxes of tortilla chips and 1 large box of Fritos, plus some other things. I thought we were going to have to put C's car seat on the top of one of the chip boxes. I already had some stuff in the car so trying to add the food to it was entertaining. J was trying to beat the boxes down into the trunk. We couldn't have fit one more thing in the car if we had wanted to.

So our car's loaded down with chips, C is saying over and over how hungry he is, I'm thinking how lucky we are that my wallet didn't get stolen and J decides to give me some words of wisdom...He had heard a speaker say one time, he thought is was at one of my employee conferences, that you can get people to do things for you if you're nice. If you're mean they'll be less likely to help you. It's a good thing I wasn't driving because I might have been so shocked by this revelation that I would've stopped in the middle of the road. He knew I wasn't very happy at Kinkos so that's why he decided to take care of it. I told him thank you, that thought had NEVER occured to me. It's a good thing I have him around. I don't know if he bought it, I'm pretty sure he knew I was being sarcastic. That's when he asked if I was going to blog about our adventure and I told him of course. Our crazy night was another step in the adoption process and I don't think we'll ever forget the night we copied the profiles. They will be delivered tomorrow when we go for our final training session! J said the box holding all of the finished profiles was the most exciting thing he's seen in awhile. I have to agree.

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Leslie said...

You poor thing! I hope you get to feeling better soon. Enjoy your last adoption training! Thanks for all of your help this week. . . .