Friday, October 5, 2007

Last Weekend

Now that the weekend is almost here again I'm finally getting around to posting what we did last weekend. J and Terry had another football game last Saturday so we all went to Nana and Granddad's to celebrate Nana's birthday. This also provided an opportunity to have a new picture taken with J family for the profile. It was either that or use one from when C was a baby where J's head was cut off. It's a good thing we got a new picture. We decided to spend the night after the game so while J was at the game C and Nana decorated pumpkins. We all had a good time last weekend. Here are a few pictures.

We are having a quiet weekend at home. I'm going to finally get my house clean and laundry done all at once and get my fall decorations out.

Have a good weekend! This week has been a little slow, so maybe I'll have some more exciting stories to tell next week.

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