Saturday, January 31, 2015

Our neighbor obviously doesn't read our blog...

Because he asked Jay and Cade to cat sit this week. 

I worked in Joplin yesterday so after work I did some "grocery" shopping. Which we all know that means I returned something at Old Navy, checked out the additional 60% off rack at AE and tried on a pair of boots 1/2 a size too big In the off chance they might fit just because they were a good deal at Macys.  Then I hurriedly ran through Aldis and Wal Mart, but then lingered in Target. What is it about that store?  By the time I got home it was almost 10 pm.

Camryn was already in bed and Cade was doing his own thing so that gave Jay and I time to talk without interruption and catch up on our days. Surprisingly we were also able to stay awake. 

Jay said they were leaving school yesterday and our neighbor Glenn called to see what "you boys were doing."  Glenn is a great neighbor who lets Jay borrow his tractor. Glenn and his wife are going on a cruise so we are returning the favor by feeding their cat. I say we, but actually it mean them. We all know there is no way, barring an extreme emergency, that I'll be feeding this cat.

So the boys went to Glenn's to meet the cat and learn the expectations. When Jay told me what all happened I laughed so hard. Cade's first old is the cat. Glenn said she's old, really really old. Cade's response "that's good because our cats didn't make it past two months."  Glenn said "oh..." Glenn's wife heard and this and she reassured Cade. She told him if the cat died while they were gone it wouldn't be his fault. She is just a really old cat. Cade said "good."  

Cade also has this way of blurting out questions he has. He physically can't hold back a question once it enters his head. Jay needed to leave so he could get Camryn and be at a students house to take Proficiency Award pictures at 5:30. But Cade needed to know something about a gun he knew Glenn had so the question came out. Then they spent the next several minutes looking at guns. I think Cade has spotted the next gun he wants. Jay told him to save up his money. (That might be a birthday idea for the grandparents.)

I just hope we have better luck with this cat then we did with our last experience. 

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