Friday, January 30, 2015

A Trip to the Doctor

For the past week Camryn has been down with something.  When it first started I thought it was the flu because her fever was so high and she was lethargic.  I called the doctor and got her in that afternoon because we were getting on Tamiflu if that was in fact what it was.  He said it was just a virus.  I stayed home with her the next day and she seemed to be better.  Then over the weekend she got lethargic again and looked like she was running a fever but yet didn’t really feel hot.  After several more days of her moping around I thought she might have a bladder infection.

 I called the doctor again and they could get her in this past Wednesday at 3:45. Awesome!  Jay could take her after school and no one would have to miss work.  On my soapbox here for a minute – but I get tired of people commenting on how often I take my kids to the doctor vs. how their kids never had to go.  These are usually from men who’s wives stayed home.  It’s a whole lot easier when you are at home to wait out an illness.  When you are a working mom you don’t have the luxury of letting time do it’s thing.  We may each get 1 day to stay home with the kids so they need to be over this illness in 2 days tops – 3 if we can pull in Memo.  And it’s not that we don’t have flexible jobs where we can’t take off, but all working people know how there is an unwritten understanding that if you miss more than 1 day of work for illness someone must be dying.  So if my kids get sick then yes, I need to take them to the doctor because if they need on an antibiotic they need it sooner rather than later.  Ok, off my soapbox.

I called Jay after I made the appointment and told him what time he needed to have Camryn there.  Later I got to thinking about how I needed to explain some things to him.  I sent him a text and told him to call when he had a moment so I could walk him through what was going to take place that afternoon.  Remember – we thought she had a bladder infection.  All women now know where I’m going with this.  I explained the “hat” they’d put on the toilet.  I explained how he’d get the towelette and the direction he needed to wipe.  I told him to be extra patient with her and promise her the moon and the stars to get her to go.  He acted like a pro and said “I got it.”  Part of me wanted to leave work so I could handle it, part of me wanted him to deal with it and all of me wanted to be fly on the wall to see what would happen with the two of them in the bathroom at the doctors office. 

When Jay called me after the appointment he said our doctor was shocked when he walked in the room and saw that Jay was by himself.  He couldn’t believe that Jay had braved that kind of an appointment without me.  Jay said “yeah, my wife said you’d have a hat to put on the toilet, but you were out.”  “I had to hold the cup for her!”  The doctor was really impressed with that.  He said there was no way he could’ve done that.  Which as a side note I thought was kind of weird.  He’s a doctor but he gathering urine makes him cringe?? 

That evening when I asked Jay about how it all went he said it was fine except that gathering the urine was like a moving target.  I said “welcome to the world of being a girl.”  Apparently Camryn was not too traumatized by it all.  Afterwards they went to Sonic to get the slushie Jay promised her.

She did not have a bladder infection, but she was running a low grade fever while they were there.  The doctor thought one ear might be a shade redder than the other but it wasn’t time to call it an infection yet.  Today she woke up saying something was in her ear.  Thankfully we have a low key weekend ahead of us to rest and recover!!!  

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