Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

I've tried to establish our own Christmas Eve traditions. We usually have Jim and Sharon over that night along with any other available family members. This year it was just Jim and Sharon. 

The kids decorate sugar cookies
 And Happy Birthday Jesus cupcakes
 Then we read the story of Jesus birth 

And we sing Happy Birthday to Jesus
And I warned Camryn not to sit on the couch because we might mistake her for a pillow. 

We also take family pictures

And kid pictures which one minute look like this...

And then because of Camryn tackling Cade it turns into this

It was a fun night. But by the end if it this is what putting out Santa's milk and cookies looked like...

Our kids are weird. We have to wake them up every year. Which means we have a cranky Camryn which also means she can be disgruntled with her gifts. This year when she saw her Bitty Baby she said "I said I didn't want this one, I wanted the chocolate one."  Ok.. She is only three and her defense she did ask Santa for a "chocolate" one (her exact words). But Santa had bought this Bitty Baby when we, I mean HE, visited Mall of America in 2012.  Santa thought Camryn would forget asking for the chocolate baby and settle for the blonde one. Of course Camryn has a mind like a steel trap and can remember every wrong committed to her by her brother. And now Santa is on her list. Whoops.  
Mid-morning we headed to my sisters house. She held the Fowler family Christmas this year. It was a great day and I did a horrible job taking pictures. This is the only one I got. 
If you think Camryns hear looks like a grease ball you are correct. It is antibacterial gel. A Bitty Baby gets no attention. Bath and Body Works GermX in her stocking was her favorite gift. Who can figure out 3 years olds???

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