Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Blog Catch Up

I There are so many things that I need to blog about...shutting the cats head in my van door, Bonnie having another litter of pigs, Jay's barn, killing both cats on the same day from an unknown substance, the vet preg checking our mini Hereford, the vet pulling a pig, etc.  Where do I start??

I think I will back up and document Christmas 2014. 

Our first Christmas was celebrated the Saturday before with the Shepherds. We wore our ugly sweaters!!  Except for Camryn and Hilly. Little girls don't wear ugly sweaters. 

It was also Cade's first time to see his new baby cousin Hilly. I think he was pretty taken with her. He asked me if seeing Hilly made me want another baby. He seemed shocked when I said it in fact made me feel the opposite.  She is sweet to hold but at the end of the day she goes home with someone else.  Some day when he is staring at 38 it will make sense. 

And because it why would you not try out your new waders in a stock tank with a camel looking on. I can't make this stuff up. Luckily we have the picture for proof. 

The next day we celebrated with Dad and Lynn. We started out at the church Christmas program. I invited my own kids to be in it. Hey, it's one advantage of a small church. I wanted my kids to be in a program with their cousins. And they were pretty cute. 

Then we went to Papa Kerry's and Lynn's newly remodeled house 

That afternoon we decorated Gingerbread houses. Or mostly I decorated and Camryn asked to help. I was good with that as long as she put the stuff where I wanted it....

The weekend after Christmas we went to Oklahoma City to celebrate with my mom and Steve. That meant me, my sister and 4 kids. In our van. Big fun!!! We had a good time. And like normal I got very few pictures. 

Make sure you keep reading for the Christmas Eve/Day post. 

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