Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Jay and his Barn of Many Colors

Over Christmas break Jay and Cade built a barn to put Bonnie in when she farrowed. I know when I say barn you might be conjuring up some red thing trimmed in white sitting on a hill. Or maybe just a three sided building covered in tin.

I'm not sure your mind went to this....

This is Jays pride and joy. Aside from the concrete he had to pour the rest of this only cost him a couple of hundred $$. He built it with leftover scraps and a $30 pile of lumber he bought at an auction. I think the biggest investment was in the nails and screws. We jokingly call it farming on a $0 budget but I do believe there is a little part of Jay that enjoys making stuff from nothing. Anyone can build a barn... But the real story is taking scrap lumber and cutting your own 2x4's then covering it with 3 different colors of tin. That my friends takes real talent.  And that is how a farrowing house is born. Thank goodness for wooded lots that hide this from the general public. 

But the farrowing hose served its purpose. Bonnie had her pigs exactly one year to the day of our last litter. Thankfully the date was the only thing in common. This went much better. Jay stayed with her all night the first night and we had no pigtastrophes. The only problem was that the last pig got stuck. He end d up calling the vet to have him pull the pig. Later on that day it dawned on me.. Within a week the vet had pulled a pig (not common) preg checked a mini Hereford and saw our drugged cats (another story). I'm sure he wondered what kind of opeartion we were running. 

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