Monday, February 2, 2015

Super Bowl Highlights

As most of you can tell by this blog, I have a real take it or leave it attitude about sports.  The majority of it is a leave it attitude, but I usually do make an effort to watch the Super Bowl.  Last night we had a church party.  This past fall we installed a huge TV screen in our sanctuary so we were able to watch it in there.  We also ate pizza and Camryn ran around and jumped off the stage while were watching the big screen.  There are some 1700's era Pilgrims rolling over in their graves about now.  There are some things that happened last night that will go down in my mind as the biggest memories from Super Bowl 49.  And none of them had anything to do with the last play that cost the Seahawks the win.

1.  The Fiat commercial.  That was the one with the little blue pill.  There is nothing like every head in our church sanctuary watching that little blue pill bounce all over the place until it ended up in the car's gas tank.  It was completely silent in the church, except for the snickering of one older gentlemen.  I happened to be coming out of the bathroom so I got to watch the back of every head bounce up and down along with the pill.

2.  At the beginning of the game we were talking about Tom Brady and wondered how old he was.  Jay said he was in college at the same time we were so he figured he was around our age - 36, 37ish.  I was surprised he was that old.  People our age don't need to be playing football!!!   Cade was having some teenage moments last night so his parents were the dumbest things in the world.  Jay had a little talk with him by the snacks.  While they were gone one of those info screens popped up and had some facts about Tom Brady.  He's 37.  When Jay got back I told him that Tom Brady was 37 so we were all the same age.  Cade, with his teenage angst, said "Look at Tom Brady....(head swivels back and forth between Jay and I) and then look at you people."  Jay missed it but I had to look away because I was laughing.  Later I told Cade I was hurt that he didn't think I looked like Tom Brady.  He said "well I just meant I can't imagine you and dad playing football."  Yeah right!!!     

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