Thursday, February 9, 2012

This week....

This has been a better week around the house in terms of Camryn's patience.  Her evenings have been much better than they have for the last several.  She actually played and didn't fight sleep by screaming.  Work has also been much better this week.  I don't like to wish it would slow down because that's never good, but we needed a breather for a few days.  It's been nice to have some days where I didn't feel my heart race every second of the day while my brain darted around to the hundred things that needed to be done 2 days earlier.  It has been that way continuously since I've been back.  This has been a much needed break which has helped my nerves tremendously! 

Camryn is still not crawling, but she is rocking back and forth then she blows out.  Now though she can get herself back up to a sitting position.  She is so close, she just won't do it.  I've been very firm on not saying I wish she would.... I know she will grow up soon enough so I'm not wishing any of it away.  Now, that doesn't mean some of our days seem don't seem long, but as a whole I know it will go quickly.  BUT there is a small part of me that is ready for her to do something.  I'm ready for her to crawl,  I saw a little girl today who looked to be about 1 and she was walking.  I am ready for that.  I know that means I'll be busier and will loose the freedom of sitting her down knowing she will still be there when I get back.  I think I'm just ready to start discovering more of her personality.

 I have my life insurance license and I have to sit through 16 hours of Continuing Ed hours every 2 years.  Today I went to my first class.  It was a long day.  I love the instructor (had him before) - he is 84 years old and doesn't look or act it. He even told us what the Dow was doing after he checked it on his iPhone. He keeps the class entertaining, at least as entertaining as The Nuts and Bolts of Disability Income can be.  But, and there is always a but...just like there is always the "one" in any class you take.  The one who can't be quiet.  They must comment on everything the instructor says and they nod their head constantly.  Today's "one" was the worst I've ever had to listen to.  She drove me crazy.  Some of the people there were going to be with this lady for two days.  Luckily I was just there for today.  The lady beside me asked if I was coming back tomorrow.  I told her no, then asked if she was coming back.  She said she wasn't and it was a good thing.  If she had to sit with the "one" for another day she would drive her car through a wall.  I know God made us all different for a reason, but I do not understand how people can't sit still and not talk.  I could sit for hours without saying a word.  Jay thinks that is one of my weirder traits, but it serves me well in days like today. 

Cade has had a regular week.  I can't think of anything funny he's said or done....except for tonight before he started on his homework.  Today was a short day and he had a sub.  The sub asked the other 4th grade teacher if they had homework.  She told they sub she was sure Mrs. D would've given them homework.  Cade told Jay "Mrs D. would not have allowed us to have homework on a short day".  Actually, I think he was right.  He's never had homework when they get out at 1.  Thank you sub for making our evening all about division. 

Jay has had a wild time with our cattle this week.  I had looked forward to this week for several weeks....because we had nothing happening on any night.  Weird, I know.  But the cattle decided to have other ideas.  The bull got out this weekend and roamed all over the neighborhood before we could get home from Cade's game Saturday.  I mean he covered some territory at least from the different reports we heard about...and got in another neighbors barn and tore up a bale of hay.  Jay was not pleased when he had to give this lady a bale of good hay to feed her Shetland Pony. Sunday Jay had to move them around to keep the bull in.  On Monday the other ones got out and headed to a different neighbors place.   So Jay had to do some work Monday night on another fence.  Then during the night the calf rolled under one of the fences which meant it was separated from its mother all night.  So the mother bawled all night.  I don't think we will win any neighbors of the year award after this week.  Then tonight Jay had to help his parents pull a calf.  I'm not loving the Herefords this week that's for sure. 

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday!  Cade has a ball game in Liberal Saturday morning.  My Dad and Charity are supposed to be there.  I'm looking forward to it. 

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Charity said...

Is Camryn looking forward to seeing the wild banshees? :)