Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Another Valentines Day....another Valentines Box.  This year was probably the easiest one we've done.  That may be because I didn't do it....This was supposed to be my year to help.  I did come up with the idea but Jay improved upon it....so I let him take care of it.  If you can't tell what it is, it is a Lego block.  I was going to cut out circles for the top but Jay said they needed to be 3D.  He got 2 Tuna Fish cans to use.  It does look better than my idea would have.  We bought 4 cans of tuna but the box was only big enough for 2.  We didn't open the tuna....so if Cade gets hungry today or stuck in a snow drift, he will have food.  In about 5 years I'll end up throwing away the tuna.  Not a big fan of it....
I had Cade stand in the kitchen for this picture.  I'm not sure why, but I've always taken his Valentines picture in the kitchen.  It made me think back to his other years.  I didn't get a picture with his box in 2nd or 3rd grade.  In 2nd grade we got the first "the call" the day before his party so we had other things on our minds.  Last year with all of the snow the party was messed up and we didn't get one taken. 
Here he is in Kindergarten
And 1st Grade
You can tell how much he has grown by looking at the curtain.  He is as tall as the curtain now. 
I will say this was the easiest Valentines Day to date.  Cade finally got the hang of filling out his own cards.  I use to dread it because it was such a high maintenace holiday, but this year it was fine.  Or then again that might have been because I didn't help him.....That's what is great about having a snow day when your husband is a teacher.  They still went to school and Cade filled them out while they were there.  But I'm pretty sure when Camryn starts school I'll be the one doing all the hearts and flowers boxes.

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