Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Complication of Solids

Camryn is really starting to frustrate me with her hatred of solids.  At first I thought it was that she wasn't ready.  Then I thought she didn't like the taste of the cereal.  At times Jay and I think that maybe she is picky, but I'm not even sure that is the case.  When I talk to other people about it I've just decided to say she's complicated.  I don't know what else to call it.

I read a lot of blogs of families who have either adopted children or adopted embryos that are around Camryn's age.  All of those kids are eating solids, and according to the blogs loving it.  Those angelic children are eating all sorts of fruits and veggies by the truckloads.  I consider it a good day if Camryn eats a few of the Toys R Us puffs. 

From the tone of at least one of these blogs I'm sure one of the mothers would blame it on the fact I'm not making my own baby food.  I really did think about making my own this summer when the vegetables were in season.  Not so much because of thinking it was healthier, but that it might be easier.  We used to have a customer who grew green beans for Gerber.  I knew the strict guidelines Gerber had with those beans, so I'm not scared of baby food.  I thought it might be easier because I don't live or work by a Wal-Mart and if I bought baby food at the local grocery store Camryn's grocery budget would be as large as our family budget.  But I quickly put aside the idea of making my own.  Between holding Camryn and watching Frasier I really didn't have time for anything else the 12 weeks I was off work.  The way it's turned out though it's probably for the best.  Camryn really hates baby food.  I would've been even more frustrated if I had a freezer full of steamed veggies that she wouldn't open her mouth for.

I completely gave up on baby food months ago.  I smash up whatever we are eating and try that.  Most of the time she won't eat it.  It's not even that she doesn't like it...she won't even open her mouth to try it.  Her lips are sealed.  She also has a move that Jay and I call the cop out.  When she sees the spoon coming at her she rubs her eyes like she is tired.  Cade had the same "I'm tired" move when he started Kindergarten.  Any time we'd ask him about school he'd respond with "I'm tired" so we'd leave him alone.  After awhile I noticed that any time we asked him something or told him to do something he replied with "I'm tired".  He must have clued Camryn in on that..."hey if you act like you are tired the annoying ones will leave you alone". 

If it is a good night and she's not "tired" she might eat pretty good.  Pretty good for Camryn is 4 or 5 bites.  But what is so weird about her is that one night she might eat something and then the next night refuse it before she even tastes it.  Last night and tonight it was the opposite.  I fixed spaghetti last night and she refused.  I did force one bite in and she shivered trying to get it swallowed.  Tonight Jay is gone so we had the same spaghetti leftovers.  She ate it really well tonight.  Sometimes she likes bananas, sometimes she doesn't....she will eat oatmeal at the sitters but at home she dry heaves on it.  I'm sure I'm a bad mother, but some nights I don't even bother to try to feed her.   I know she will more than likely refuse it and if I'm not cooking anyway I don't mess with it. 

 I'm not so worried about her not eating, but I am starting to wonder what we do for it.  I would like to take her off of formula when she turns 1 but at this rate I don't know what I'll do.  She may be packing a thermos of Enfamil to kindergarten.  But she also refuses a sippy cup so I don't know what she will drink it out of.  That could be another post on its own. 

She's just complicated....


Anonymous said...

Josie has mastered solids, but we are in the same boat with sippy cups. She just has no interest! She also has no interest in real food! She may carry Gerber tubs in her lunchbox. . .

What are we going to do with these silly girls?


The Journey to our Daughter said...

Our Josie was similar but she was 16 months. For the first while she ate only yogurt, applesauce and pedilite with no milk or formula of any kind. Obviously we couldn’t let that go on very long so we encouraged her very strongly to just eat anything. At first we blamed it on a complete diet change since we truly didn't know what she was fed in Russia. We had a list but she acted like she had never seen most of the stuff on it. The only thing we knew was portage and she hates that. So for the longest time we went with the "she's just had a lot of changes" attitude but then I realized she had reflux. I had never noticed until one time when I watched a video I took of her. It was so obvious to me when I saw her on the video and I could actually see her struggle with it coming up. No wonder she wore 3-6 months clothes at 13 months! Later I was told it is very common with preemies. When we got that under control the eating is better. Now, she is still extremely picky which drives me nuts because I have never had a picky kid and said I never would but I'm learning to deal with it. There are some things like eggs that I know she will dry heave or throw up every time so I don't even try. She HATES all breakfast but we make her eat something. At 22 lbs. we just don't feel she can afford to skip meals. Hopefully it will get better eventually. It can be frustrating so Good Luck!!