Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Boy's clothes are so boring!!!!

I've known for years that boys clothes are boring, but the older Cade gets the more obvious it is.  There aren't many places to shop for boys.  Your options are weird skater things with skulls on them or clothes that are way too sissy looking.  I feel like Cade has had the same shirts every year.  I've shopped a lot at Children's Place because money wise/style wise they have the best deals....but how many striped long sleeved polos can a boy own?  How many thermal tees with a football player can one own?  Then when you take that times 10 years....that's a lot of the very same things.  No wonder men don't understand why it takes us so long to get ready in the mornings.  They don't have near the choices every day that we do. 

The day I saw Lawson dressed like Cade I knew he had crossed over to the land of little boy sameness.  Good grief - they are 8 years apart, Charity and I did not shop at the same time for these shirts and still the boys are identical.  But when Children's Place has less than a quarter of the store devoted to boys this is what you end up with....

Lawon did not was his picture taken.  Even at only 2 he was probably embarassed to be dressed like someone else :) 

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