Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It is a sad day for the boys....

Because DGB signed with MU this morning. I'm not sure how Cade will take the news. I assume he will ask Jay as soon as he gets to the high school this afternoon.

I even listened to the radio this morning to hear his pick. Not that you could actually hear it with all the screaming. I figured it had to be MU with as wild as the crowd got. I decided I might as well listen to history in the making. It's not every day that someone in our little area of the state has ESPN at their high school. I've also been more interested in following him since Jay told me he was adopted. And since I've heard about it non-stop for weeks I needed to hear the decision with my own ears. Kind of a closing the chapter type deal I guess. 

As for choosing MU over Arkansas I'm sure he has his reasons.....I'm just not an MU person. Not that it has anything to do with Arkansas. It is more from my own college days in the MSU Ag Department. Black & Gold...YUCK!!! But I don't hold it against my friends and family who have gone to MU :)

I'm just pretty sure though we won't ever have to worry about Cade going to MU. More than likely he is going to hold a grudge against all things Mizzou for quite some time...

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