Thursday, July 28, 2011

Today I left Camryn in our room while I cleaned our shower and showered. I left her just out of my sight because the vinegar I use to clean it with seemed strong. I heard her fuss and I heard Cade rattling her toys and then silence. I thought she was happy. A few minutes later Jay got home from his meeting. I asked him if Camryn was still in her bouncy seat. He seemed surprised by my question. He said she was. As quiet as she was being I figured Cade had got her out. I finished my shower and got out. I peeked around the corner expecting to see her. Baby and bouncy seat were both missing from our room.

I found them in the family room like this watching Looney Tunes....

No wonder Jay was puzzled by my question. They look like they belong there together. I asked Cade if he carried her in the bouncy, he pushed her. That was probably wonderful on the hard wood floor.

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