Monday, July 25, 2011

A Little Game...

Guess which baby is Cade and which one is Camryn....


A lot of people have told me Cade and Camryn look like bio siblings. I had noticed some resemblance, especially when I'm feeding her. Mostly I've chalked it up to all babies looking alike but tonight I got out Cade's early months photo album. My purpose wasn't to compare their looks it was to compare their legs. Camryn's legs still very much resemble a frogs. I couldn't remember if Cade's were that drawn up still at 2 months. They weren't. Either Camryn has Kermit the Frog somewhere in her bio family tree or it's because her birthmom was only 5 feet tall. I'm guessing the fact that C was small framed and 5 feet with a 8 lb 2 oz 21.5 inch long baby is the problem. Camryn must've been squished. I'm closer to 5'6" and Cade was only 7 lbs and 20 inches. He had lots of room to stretch out or at least thats what I'm telling myself is the reason her knees are frequently around her chest.

Anyway, when I started flipping through the pages I was a little taken back by how much they do look alike. This is where it gets tricky with adoption. Will she want to hear that she looks like Cade or will she want people to remember that her genetics are separate from ours? Obviously I don't know but I will know to be sensitive to that issue someday. I do cling to any information that Jamie gives me about her bio parents features and how they compare to her features. I'd have to guess that knowing she resembles C will be important to her someday. Also, it's important to remember that just because she does look a lot like Cade doesn't mean her being adopted by us is any more meant to be than other adoptions. There are many many families where the parents and kids look totally different and they are the family God put together...just like us. But I will say sometimes God puts it together this way and it is definitely interesting.

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