Friday, July 15, 2011

Six Weeks Today....

Today I am 6 weeks old. I don't want to brag or anything but I'd say there aren't too many other kids my age who have logged as many miles in a car seat as I have. I think I'm developing a callous on my back. Thank goodness for the good padding in diapers. That's saves my rear many times.

I've traveled to St Louis already, actually when I was just a little over 48 hours old. I'm not sure what took place while I was in St Louis but mom tells me the first family had a little boy that wanted to smell my feet. I would venture to guess that happened a lot while I was with that family. Then I went to another family. I think things were much quieter there. Finally mommy and daddy and Cade came to get me and we drove home from St Louis. We weren't in the door 10 minutes and they were changing my clothes to go to a ballgame. That's the way Its been constantly since.

I've been to several ballgames, Springfield, a wedding, Joplin twice, Branson, the library countless times, shopping many times, and then this week KC. As of today I've spent 6 nights in a hotel already. And oh my goodness...I've seen more cattle than a Lot of adults. Daddy has said over and over
There are 1600 head here when he's trying to get Cade up in the mornings. I wonder if he is regretting this trip? They thought I was asleep the other night but I heard him tell mommy we weren't coming back until Cade could carry his own water Bucket. I'm not sure what that means but judging by the bags under daddy's eyes it must be something tiring.

Mommy isn't exactly
Having a picnic either. I've been a good girl and
She tells me that all the time, but
She took
Agression out on the stroller this morning. It wouldn't unfold and she got a little irritated. Then she had to shove the enormous diaper bag under it. She
Has to bring so many bottles for me because my eating is sporadic. I never
Know if it will be a
Slow eating
Day or a big one. I like to keep her on her toes :). Then daddy had her bring him and Cade shorts so that was more stuff to put in the bag. Then she has to gather up her phone and the video camera
And water and most importantly me! Then lock the car door double checking for the 100th te that the keys are in her pocket and not in the car because her clicker broke years ago. Mommy looked a little wild eyed this morning for some reason.

I haven't seen Cade much since
We've been here. I think he's too busy running around
With the
Kids his age. When he is around I hear this F Word a lot...FOCUS Cade! Apparantly he's not
Focusing very well. I also hear mommy and daddy tell him he has to start listening better. I know yesterday mom almost lost it when we pulled up to the hotel and he had his shoes off. He always takes his shoes off In the
Car. It would be ok except he waits until the car is completely stopped and mom is out wrestling with the stroller before he starts putting them on. I'll try to remember to not do that
When i'm older.

I also overheard mommy and daddy either laughing or maybe it
was crying when they realized that if I show Herefords they can come to this for 22 years in a row. Apparantly they will be pretty old by then because Daddy said he'd have to hire some help. But then they realized Cade could have His own kids here. Dad may have to fit my cattle and his grandkids cattle. I sure hope Cade will be able to carry a water bucket by then...

Thanks for letting me vent there. I guess it's almost time to watch Cade show. Hopefully it goes better than it did the other day. Daddy was not pleased with Ruby that day.

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Tell your mommy that I have the same stroller and have kicked it over and over, but the stroller always wins.

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Love this!


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Adorable post! Love reading them all!
Kathy Johnson

Shelley said...

YAY!!!! Love your family of four picture!!

Cute post. That Camryn sure is articulate at a very young age. So smart.