Monday, November 8, 2010

A Random Weekend

• Cade is still upset about Prop B. Friday night, on our way to McDonald’s, he asked when we were going to start having to eat plants. Since Jay answered him by saying “let me try explaining this again…” I’m guessing this was not the first time the topic had been addressed in the last few days. Obviously Cade still didn’t get it because yesterday he was concerned that we would no longer have turkey for Thanksgiving. He comes by his obsessive nature honestly….

• We went to an adoption get together Saturday. We were hoping to connect with some other families who are/have adopted from the Joplin/Springfield area. Apparently everything adoption related must be struggle for us – we and one other family were the only ones who RSVP’d. The other family didn’t show up until the end. At least Cade and a friend got all of the jumping things to themselves for two hours. Our caseworker also got to meet us in a different place (both physically and mentally) than our home study interview – hopefully she will forget that awful evening in September.

• After the adoption let down Jay dropped me off and I shopped with my mom, sister, Avery, and Lawson in Springfield. Fun Times. There are benefits to having only one child who is 8. On those occasions where I forget that spending time in a retail setting with Charity and her kids quickly reminds me of it. This outing though was not nearly as bad as this one. My ovaries still haven’t recovered from that trip.

• Charity learned to never let her kids, her menopausal mother, and her sister so doped up on hormones she can’t think like a non menopausal person leave her at the mall. We told Charity we’d take the kids and go get a cookie while she looked at Old Navy. We ended up not getting a cookie but two drinks and then we started walking. We ended up on the other side of the mall in the kids play area. After not hearing from Charity for a long time we tried calling her only to hear the diaper bag ring. We had left Charity at Old Navy with no phone. She had no idea where we were at. She didn’t want to leave the area outside of Old Navy for fear she would miss us. We of course wondered how in the world we would ever locate her in the mall. 10 years ago not having a cell phone at the mall wouldn’t have been a big deal – now it’s a travesty. Luckily we found Charity much much quicker than we had anticipated. That ordeal ended our shopping adventure Saturday evening.

• This was Lawson during the time his mom was lost. It didn’t seem to bother him much.  Notice the pink stroller.  Hopefully it will cause no lasting damage to him.


·         Tonight is another home playoff game for Miller.  For most of us that means those of us with passes will pay because it’s a state rule.  For Cade it means we are paying because of Prop B. 


Shelley said...

Went to Old Navy last night with Elle and Steve. It is so difficult! We were looking for an outfit for her 2 year pictures. We ended up buying all the possibilties we were looking at since Elle was on such a roll and return what we don't use. Trying something on at the store is NOT a possibility. I'd be soaked in sweat and Elle would be screaming and kicking on the floor. Good times. So yes, having one and having him be 8....well, you know. :) Even if paying for the football game is because of that darn prop b!

Lawson is too cute in that pink stroller. :)

Laura said...

Let Charity know I have a nice light green Winnie the Pooh stroller she can have if she wants. lol Oh and I wouldn't let Justin see that picture, sooooo cute!