Wednesday, November 3, 2010

So Prop B passed last night...thanks to the two biggest cities in the state. Too bad we can't vote on annexing them into Kansas and Illinois! I'd like to know if they know the definition of a domesticated animal?

Jay and Cade listen to a lot of talk radio in the mornings. So you can imagine how Jay' s political beliefs are running off on his son. Poor Cade. He was upset this morning when he heard it had passed. He
was afraid it meant agriculture was done as of this morning. I thought Jay had him straight on that...until tonight...

Miller is playing their first playoff game tonight at home. I was explaining to Cade that we had to pay to get in for this game so don't go blowing through the
Gate like normal. He said "why do we have to pay tonight? Is it because of Prop B?". Maybe it's time for Jay to back off the politics just a bit??!

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