Monday, November 1, 2010

A Frightful Halloween Costume

Ok since Cade doesn't read
this blog I feel I can be truthful. If he ever does read this entry in the notebook version Jay makes for me every Christmas I'm sure he'll be ok with it. Hopefully it will be years and years from now when he's cleaning out our estate and he's well into adulthood and parenthood because by then he should understand....

We bought our child the dorkiest looking costume EVER for Halloween 2010. I was horrified
when he put it on. It was like one big silky leotard type thing with a vest over it. I got a size 10-12 but it was way too short and way too tight I was so glad we did not Trick or Treat anywhere close to home. We spent last evening in Fayetteville so Cade could help Nana.

Other than the embarrassing costume the night went really well an was a lot of
fun. Note to self...avoid the $14 Wal-Mart costumes once your child is no longer in the toddler sizes.

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