Monday, November 1, 2010

10 and 15

Those are the two magic numbers we have ahead of us for the next transfer. In 10 days I will head back to KC for another ultrasound. That one will be the final lining check to make sure it is on track. If it is then 5 days later we will have the transfer.

Things have been so-so on the medication this time. Some parts are better some are worse.
This time I'm dealing with anxiety issues. It is about to drive me (and everyone else I'm close to) absolutely crazy. I'm high strung, I will admit
that but this medicine is really blowing some stuff out of proportion for me. So if anyone would like to pray for us that would be a big one to pray for...that I get over this anxiety and start focusing on all the things that seem to have gone right with the transfer up to this point. Other than the anxiety issues everything else seems to be moving along good..I guess we will know more on the 10th!!

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