Monday, January 4, 2010

Traveling and Christmas Eve

I tried to keep the blog somewhat updated on our travels from KC on the 23rd.  As I reported earlier we did miss our connecting flight out of Houston.  I almost cried.  Luckily Continnental got us on another flight and they put us in a hotel room for the evening.  It really wasn't too bad.  I'm just so thankful we were able to get on another flight and to California reasonably early.  It really only put us behind a few hours.

Once we checked into our hotel and showered/changed into clean clothes (Yea!) we grabbed some lunch and headed to the park.  We got there about 2.  As soon as we walked in the gate a guy handed us some Fastpasses to Indiana Jones.  That was the first ride we got to go on.  We were so lucky that we got those then because I don't know that we would've ever got to ride it.  The rest of the time we were there the ride was broken down some, the Fastpasses were gone and the stand by wait time was 110 minutes. 

Inside of Indiana Jones

The next thing on our agenda was the ride Pirates of the Caribbean.  With the first pirate movie Cade got a CD that had the Wonderful World of Disney that showed the opening day of the ride.  We've watched the movie of the ride about a million times so this was a huge highlight for us.  Knowing that Walt Disney created most of that in the 60's was amazing.  The attention to detail is something else.  Now they've added some of the characters from the movie.  Captain Jack Sparrow was so real looking.  You just expected Johnny Depp to stand up and start talking to you.  Cade was so cute  - he sang Yo Ho Yo Ho a Pirates Life for Me right along with the ride.

After that we got to ride the railroad around and it's a small world.  We're also lucky we got on the small world that day because the rest of the time the wait line was pushing 60 minutes.  We were able to walk right on it.  The crowds were so light that day we were able to get quite a bit accomplished, which turned out to be a good thing considering what the rest of the time of Disneyland would be like.

It's a Small World

Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Cade on the Sailing Ship Columbia

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