Thursday, January 7, 2010

Disney's California Adventure and Disneyland

We went to Disney's California Adventure after we left the character breakfast.  It's another theme park directly across from Disneyland.  It wasn't too crowded in there Christmas morning so we had a pretty nice time.  Some of the highlights were finally meeting Mickey and Minnie, Lightning McQueen and Mater, Cade carried on a conversation with an animated Crush from finding Nemo and the Disney Animation Studio.  We got to sit through a class that taught us how to draw cartoon characters.  We drew Dopey.  Jay and I could've sat through a couple more of the drawing classes but Cade was itching to get his Indiana Jones hat..

When we got to the park on Christmas Day it was unbelievably crowded. It was pretty much awful. Once we got Cade's hat we got in line for the Jungle Cruise. That was probably a 45 minute wait or so. Then we walked around trying to decide what to do next, but it was all so overwhelming. We managed to find the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh so we rode it. I took a picture of the inside of the store. All of the decorations were incredible. We also had a chance to see Pooh and Tigger, but the line was so long. We settled for getting them on the video camera. We then decided to try and find something to eat. The lines were so crazy. Absolutely crazy. While looking for a place to eat we stumbled onto Santa and his reindeer. Santa also had a neat little cabin set up with Christmas dinner on the table and the reindeer halters hanging on the wall. After that we decided to leave the park. We headed to Downtown Disney to find a place to eat. It was even worse there than in the Park. The restaurants had lines out the door just to put your name in. We ended up leaving and trying to find a place off the property, We ended up at a buffet that was absolutely terrible...but they had a table on the patio we told them we'd take if it meant me could be seated. The only thing we could say was that at least we weren’t hungry anymore. It definitely wasn't the usual Christmas Dinner for us...but then again it wasn't our typical Christmas either.  I read later that Disneyland almost reached capacity that day which is 70,000 people.

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