Wednesday, January 27, 2010

They Learn Early

Speaking of boys learning early how to handle women, I had another example happen to me last week.
It was the day after Lawson was born. It was a Wednesday, which is Jay's staff meeting day so I have to take Cade to school. This particular Wednesday I was pretty tried and was moving at snail speed. I usually am pretty good at getting around in a decent amount of time. I don't tend to hold up the family or make us habitually late getting where we need to be. I do have my days though and this day was one of them.

This is also a good time to mention that Cade can't tell time yet. But he very clearly has an internal clock because twice he marched back to the bathroom to ask me if I was ready yet. He worked himself up because he thought he was going to be late. School doesn't start until 8:20, but his internal clock was telling him that he and his dad would've left a long time ago. I kept telling him he was fine, we had plenty of time, etc. It settled him down somewhat and we were able to head out the door to school.

Everything went fine on the drive. We sat in silence, which is how he likes it in the morning. Things took a bad turn though when we pulled up and there was no one else being dropped off at that moment. Cade just knew we were late. I assured him everything was fine. I pulled up and unlocked the door for him to get out. I was in the middle of telling him to have a good day and that I loved him when he opened up the door, got out, turned around and huffily said "what took you so long to put on your makeup anyway", then slammed the door and marched into the school.

Oh, his poor wife. I hope he marries someone who doesn't piddle around because he's not going to have the patience to deal with it. Now, taking forever to find a toy to hold in his hand while you drive him to school is all together a different deal. Applying makeup and looking for a toy isn't even something you can compare to each other. I'm learning that boys learn very early that women stuff is dumb and a waste of time, but it's ok to spend lots of time on manly things.

When I told Jay the story he was relieved to learn that apparently Cade does have an internal clock.  Up to this point we really weren't sure he had one. 

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