Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It Was Back….

Remember my post right after Thanksgiving about the nasty mouse in my car? I hadn't had any more problems with it so I thought it was gone….until last Friday. Charlie has developed this irritating of habit of sitting in the garage until the door is about 6 inches from being completely down then he decides to run out. Then that triggers the sensor on the door and makes it go back up. Then he will stand right in the way so the door won't do anything. This is a new little trick he's learned in the last few weeks. I think he loves it because he knows there is nothing more irritating than a dog, which stands 6 inches off the ground, holding up your entire day. So last Friday he did this little trick and he wouldn't budge so that meant I had to actually get out of the car to physically move him. When I got out of the car I saw a mouse run under my car. I'm not 100% sure where it came from, but I really thought it ran from the inside of the car. Can you imagine if Charlie hadn't held me up? I probably would've ended up in a ditch on Highway 39 that morning. So that caused me to text Jay "Mouse 911, Call me when you can". When Jay called me back he said he'd take care of it.

Jay's taking care of it meant he bought more mouse poison, which we did the last time. My concern was what if the mouse ate the poison and then died somewhere in there car that we couldn't get to? I know there are probably a million fries stuck between my seat and the console because I can't get my hand in the crack. What if a mouse got down there? And the last time we did this we found that the mouse had drug the block of poison into the battery box. We were dealing with the mouse equivalent of the Incredible Hulk. Jay thought about that Saturday night/Sunday morning so he got up early Sunday and tore my car apart. He pulled up the back seat and did all sorts of things I didn't know the car was capable of. He declared it to be mouse free. I believed him.

Everything was all fine and dandy until yesterday when I left work to head home. I opened up my car door and tossed my purse in the passenger seat.  I then looked down and saw the mouse lying right where my feet should go on the driver's side.  I screamed and shut the door.  I hesitated for moment wondering if I should grab my phone from my purse.  I was too grossed out to reach across the seat so I ran in and called Jay from work. I repeatedly hit redial on the phone until Jay decided to answer. Once he finally answered the phone I told him the mouse was dead in the car and all he could do was laugh.   Pam heard and took pity on me. She said she'd get it out of the car. All Jay did was laugh at me on the phone. Luckily Darrell, my boss, came to the rescue. He took a pair of pliers and grabbed the mouse by the tail and threw it in a ditch.  Then he checked the other side to make sure there wasn't another one hiding out, waiting to run up my pant leg.   He said it wasn't a regular house mouse, he thought it was a field mouse because it was so big….which would explain how it was able to drag a bar of poison into the battery box.  Jay called the office as I was pulling out of the driveway and he and Pam had a good laugh over the whole experience. I drove home with my left leg extended straight out and the tip of my right big toe on the very top of the gas pedal. 

Cade came home and told me we should call my car the Mouse 'Mobile. Then when I was telling Jay how nasty this whole experience has been Cade threw up his hands and said "I'm not getting involved in this". I guess men learn at a young age to ignore women when they are having hysterics. I'm sure that's something Jay has taught him during all the hours they spend together before and after school. I am so out numbered.

I will be calling about getting my car detailed as soon as I can.  YUCK!!!

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