Monday, January 4, 2010

The Character Breakfast

We went to our Character Breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen on Christmas morning.  It was such a neat experience and I'm so glad we did it.  It was so exciting to see the characters walk up to your table and give you their autograph.  I got as excited as Cade did.  We first had our picture taken with Pluto before we were seated and then after that they walked up to our tables.  Goofy also did a dance and included all of the kids in it.  If anyone ever takes their children to Disney World or Disneyland you need to spring for the character breakfast.  It is definitely worth it.

Santa did find Cade all the way in California


Snow White





Captain Hook


As you can see in the picture with Mulan, the resturant used Fiesta dishes.  Even though we were far from home on Christmas morning I still got to drink my coffee out of a turquoise mug!

And because it wouldn't have been a breakfast at Disney without these...only wish I had thought to take the picture BEFORE I put butter on them...

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