Friday, May 16, 2008

Picture Update

It's been awhile since I've posted some pictures.

The first ones are Avery on Mother's Day. Cade was somewhat anti-social that day so Avery's the only one who got her picture taken. She LOVES ice cream.

Jay and I went on Cade's field trip Tuesday. We visited a fire station and the zoo. We took a sack lunch and got poured on while we were eating. Kids and teachers and parents were scrambling around trying to get everything gathered up. Cade had taken his sunglasses that day, which I knew was a bad idea, but I let him anyway. There were about 10 cars of parents following the bus that day. Once we left the firestation the bus was waiting to turn right with all the parents behind it. We waited and waited and finally saw one of the aides running down the row of parents. Her husband was behind us so we thought she was going to him. Of course not, she stopped at our truck. Cade thought he had lost his sunglasses and was upset. Our child held up the whole trip. It was embarassing, but fortunately I did have the glasses. Once we got to the zoo we split up into groups. Jay and I lucked out, we only had Cade and another boy. One mom by herself ended up with 3 boys. We saw the zoo in record time - we were at a dead run the entire time.

These are pictures from his first ballgame last night. His team won, which was exciting. It's pretty funny to watch them. One girl (who Jay and I think is adorable) was trying to wipe the dirt off of 3rd base. Cade was put in Right Field (not a big surprise - it runs in the family). At one point I saw him digging the dirt out of his cleats. He didn't see much action last night in the outfield, but he did get a hit his last time at bat. He said "it was a lot of fun"

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Kristy said...

Very cute. I like the one with his hands on his hips.