Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Our Weekend

This weekend our family had a first – we took one of Cade’s friends to SDC with us. It was a first for all of us, it was the first time Cade had a friend to play with, it was the first time Grandma Robyn was around 2 boys, it was the first time we were responsible for someone elses child (except for Avery but she doesn’t count, she’s the next best thing to having our own), and it was Neilson’s first time to be at SDC. We all had a great time. Both boys were extremely well behaved. Neilson was an entertaining little boy to say the least. He comes from a family of 4, he has two older sisters and one younger sister. Neilson has a maturity that Cade doesn’t have yet, which comes from having older siblings. I really don’t mind that, Neilson was concerned because his 16 year old “girlfriend” went to prom with someone else. He said “can you believe that”. Much to mine and Jay’s relief that is the last thing on Cade’s mind right now. I’ve also decided we’ll have to monitor this friendship as the boys get older. Neilson seems to be the type that has absolutely no fear of anything. I’m used to riding rides with Cade, who is a lot like me. Heights and speed are not our thing. Jay and I had to ride the Flying Elephants with the boys because they weren’t tall enough to ride by themselves. Jay got Cade and I got Neilson. At one point Neilson was trying to hang over the side to get a better look. I had to drag him back in the elephant. Totally unlike Cade.

It was fun having him with us, it added to our normal family dynamics. Neilson came up with some zingers throughout the day. One of my favorites was him telling us about helping his dad and granddad turn their bulls into steers. He told us that they cut off their guts and fed them to the dogs. I’m sure his parents would love to know that he told that story. Then of course that makes we wonder what Cade’s told his parents. It’s probably best that we don’t know. I also decided that having 2 is much easier than one. Jay and I weren’t nearly as worn out as we normally are after a day with Cade at SDC. I think we’ll try to take him back with us later on this summer.

Everything was going really well on Saturday until we were on our way home from dropping off Neilson. Jay hit a calf in my car. We are very fortunate, God definitely protected us because it could’ve been so much worse. My car has some minor damage but no one got hurt, except for the calf. We were close to our house so Jay took Cade and I home and then went to find the calf’s owners. Cade told me that he was worried about the baby calf. I was worried about the mamma cow – she watched us kill her calf. Jay came home and was upset because, like Cory has said, he puts a $value on every animal. He hated that he had caused someone to loose money (even though the owner’s fence isn’t good). I told Jay what Cade and I were worried about and he said at least we had all our bases covered. I’ve driven by the spot several times since then and I feel bad for the mamma cow. I feel like she’s staring at me every time. It was definitely traumatizing for all involved.

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Anonymous said...

It was a good day. Two little boys are different than two little girls. They are the same in their giggles and wispers, but no one cried. Neilson is for sure diffent in his knowledge. Cade is still much more innocent.