Friday, January 11, 2008

Random Thoughts From Yesterday

I was going through C's backpack and he had a book wrapped in plastic that had an envelope in it. The envelope said "Attention Teachers - sponsor cards enclosed". In the envelope are three postcards already addressed to business in town. Are we supposed to write a Thank You to these businesses? I said "C, what in the world are we supposed to do with this book?" His reply - "Read it I guess" Not even 6 yet and he's already a smart mouth!

Sharon and I were talking about the cookbooks Terry gave us for Christmas. As soon as C heard the word Cookbook, he informed me that I could order a Imus Ranch Cookbook off of RFDTV. J's got C watching Imus in the mornings. C can spot an RFDTv piece of merchandise from a mile away - and he spotted one a few days ago. We were in a restaurant and he started pointing and talking very loudley about a man's RFDTV hat. Maybe we should tape C giving his spill about Imus Ranch Foods and send it to RFDTV. C would probably be their cutest spokesperson.

J's favorite thing that happened yesterday - After work I called him and said "I'm really worried about C's worrying".......and the cycle continues....

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